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Jeep Parts

Jeep Parts and Accessories from 4WD Hardware

4WD Hardware has been providing Jeep parts and accessories to off-road enthusiasts for more than 30 years. Our product selection includes replacement parts, plus Jeep essentials, lifestyle products, and performance parts. We strive to bring you the Jeep parts and accessories you need to build, drive, and enjoy your Jeep to the fullest. Whether you need Jeep Cherokee parts, Jeep Wrangler accessories, Jeep CJ parts, or other Jeep essentials, 4WD has you covered.

About Jeep

The Jeep is the original off-road vehicle. It dates back to the 1940s, when the U.S. military needed a small and versatile exploration vehicle. The consumer-oriented CJ-2A appeared in 1945, and the rest is history. Generations of enthusiasts have come to respect the Jeep’s promise of freedom and go-anywhere functionality. Visit our Jeep forum if you’d like to discuss Jeep-related topics.

About Jeep CJ

The Jeep CJ has the distinction of being one of the most popular production vehicles of all time. Its legendary production run spanned from 1945 to 1986, and included seven different CJs. Demand for high-quality Jeep CJ parts is fueled by those who’re rebuilding vintage CJs and those who’re upgrading modern ones for improved off-road performance.

About Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler appeared in the 1980s as a follow-up to the ever-popular CJ. The first Jeep Wrangler, the YJ, remained in production from 1987 to 1996. The TJ appeared in the 1997 model year, followed by the Rubicon TJ and the Unlimited JK in the 2000s. Jeep Wrangler accessories range from replacement parts to extreme-duty, performance upgrades. Chat with other Jeep enthusiasts about owning, driving, and building Jeep Wranglers at our Jeep Wrangler forum.

About Jeep Cherokee

Jeep’s Cherokee has been around since 1974. It began as a reworking of the Jeep Wagoneer, but has since earned its own personality and reputation. Notable events in Cherokee history include the receipt of Four Wheeler magazine’s Achievement Award in 1974 and a rash of major 4x4 awards in 1999. Jeep Cherokee parts can improve the style and function of the Cherokee, no matter how it’s used. Learn more about the Jeep Cherokee and interact with other Cherokee enthusiasts at our Jeep Cherokee forum.

Jeep Tops

Jeep Tops

Jeep tops come in various styles, from full-coverage hardtops to bikini tops. If you live anywhere but the sunniest of climates, you may need different Jeep tops for different seasons. Hardtops provide the most reliable protection from wind and rain, but they’re the least convenient to remove and store. Jeep soft tops are easier to use, but they’re also less secure than hardtops. Bikini tops allow you to drive with the top down, without getting scorched by the sun.

Jeep Top Accessories

Jeep top accessories are mostly comprised of tools that make it easier to use and store your Jeep top. If you own a hardtop, you might be interested in a Jeep hardtop hoist, trail shades, or racks for your cargo, skis, or bicycles. A Jeep hardtop hoist is a popular choice, because it automates the job of removing your hardtop. Popular accessories for Jeep soft tops include storage boots and bags to protect the top when you’re not using it.


Bestop is one of the most popular Super Swamper Tiress of Jeep tops and accessories. Having been in business for more than five decades, Bestop has earned the loyalty of Jeep owners everywhere. The company’s product line includes various styles of soft tops and bikini tops, as well as other Jeep accessories.

Jeep Interior & Exterior

Jeep Exterior Parts

Popular Jeep exterior parts and accessories include Jeep decals, Body Armor bumpers, Jeep bumpers, Jeep tube fenders, and Jeep doors and Smittybilt bumpers. You can use Jeep decals to show off your Jeep loyalty almost anywhere. Jeep bumpers, especially Body Armor bumpers, and Jeep tube fenders are also in high demand among off-roaders. These parts offer body protection plus styling. You can also upgrade your Jeep’s look with new Jeep doors. Styles range from replacement doors to tubular doors that maximize visibility.

Jeep Interior Parts

Interior Jeep accessories and parts are a must when you’re working on a ground-up rebuild, or if you’re just looking to improve the comfort of your Jeep. You can make an immediate impact with new Jeep seats, Jeep seat covers, Jeep steering wheels, and Jeep floor mats. Jeep seat covers are economical, and many provide added storage. If comfort is your highest priority, you may forgo the covers and splurge on new Jeep seats instead. After upgrading your seats, you can add some styling with one of our Jeep steering wheels. And, don’t forget Jeep floor mats — they offer vital protection from trail dirt (or spilled groceries). Jeep interior parts and accessories also make great Jeep gifts.

Jeep Clothing & Apparel

Speaking of Jeep gift ideas, don’t miss out on our selection of Jeep clothing and collectibles. Jeep shirts, hats/caps, beanies, and other wearable Jeep lifestyle accessories are very popular with Jeep enthusiasts. Jeep collectibles, such as Jeep glassware, key chains, and license plates, also make thoughtful gifts. With all of these Jeep-themed choices, our Jeep lifestyle section is a haven for Jeep enthusiasts!

Jeep Wheels & Tires

Jeep Tires

Tires may be one of the first upgrades you make to your Jeep. The right set of Jeep tires can quickly improve the handling of your Jeep. If you split your time between on-road and off-road driving, a set of all-terrain Jeep tires may provide the right balance between highway ride comfort and off-road performance. Popular tire manufacturers include Pro Comp, BFGoodrich, and Super Swamper.

Jeep Wheels

A tire upgrade typically goes hand-in-hand with a wheel upgrade. Before you select new Jeep wheels, consider what type of material best suits your driving style and budget. Steel Jeep wheels are durable and economical, but they’re also heavier than alloy wheels. The added weight could impact your Jeep’s performance and efficiency. Popular wheel Super Swamper Tiress include Pro Comp, Dick Cepek, and Mickey Thompson.

Pro Comp Wheels

Pro Comp wheels are available in both steel and alloy construction. The alloy line-up, called Xtreme, includes many polished designs that add flash to any Jeep. Pro Comp steel wheels, known as Rock Crawler steel wheels, are tough as well as stylish. Favorite Pro Comp wheels among Jeep owners include Series 98 and Series 52 steel wheels.

Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep lift kits aren’t just for hardcore off-roaders. Sure, a lift kit will improve your ground clearance, but it can also create space for oversized wheels and tires, or just give your Jeep more presence on the road. Jeep lift kits are available in various styles and heights — so you’re sure to find a solution that’s right for you.

Pro Comp Lift Kits

Pro Comp lift kits are in high demand because the company produces a wide range of affordable suspension solutions. You can use a Pro Comp long arm lift kit to achieve a 6” lift, or you can get a smaller lift with a Pro Comp Add-A-Leaf kit. No matter what your height requirement is, Pro Comp lift kits can help you get there.


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